Top 10 Tips For Buying A DSLR Camera

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras a.k.a DSLRs have become so popular that it has found a whole new market among the youth especially in the age group of 18-40. Photography has started to boom again, and many people are finding interest in photography thanks to various platforms like Instagram! Photography is an art, and a good artist needs the right gear to make sure his art comes out perfectly.

DSLRs may not be the best cameras available out there, but they are worth every single penny being spent for them! These are some tips for you to choose how to buy a new DSLR camera if you are just entering the world! If you are a pro, you definitely will not need such a write-up. This is for all the future photographers and future pros out there reading this on their phones, tablets or computers!

  1. First and foremost thing to consider is your purpose of buying the camera! By this, we mean you should have an idea about what all you would be trying to photograph and check the features of various cameras out there to find the best one that matches your needs (If you are getting the DSLR just for showboating, none of this matters!).
  2. BUDGET! Of course, it matters! Budget is something you should always be keeping a check on so that after finding the perfect DSLR for you, you will not have to be disappointed.
  3. Find out when the model you are looking at was launched! If the device is too old, chances are you will have to do multiple upgrades and chances are they will not have any firmware as well.
  4. Resolution of the camera. This may seem obvious, but in the world of DSLRs, this brings a whole lot of difference. Even though most DSLRs will have great resolution, higher the MP rate better will be the clarity of the photos when printed out in large sizes.
  5. The format of the image. Find out which format the camera captures the images in. This is important because an image in jpg and raw will never be the same in any sense. Make sure you find a camera that stores images in the format you need!
  6. The weight of the camera. This factor comes into play especially if you are a traveler or plan to take your DSLR outdoors. If your camera is too heavy, you will be able to adjust with it in the beginning, but later on in difficult situations, this could be an issue that could be a headache for you.
  7. Video Recording. Consider your needs and make sure the camera you buy has the facility if required for you.
  8. If Video Recording is also something you are interested in, find out what all features the device has for video recording.
  9. Choosing lenses is as important as buying your camera and sometimes more costlier! There are loads of lenses out there for various functionalities. Find out which works for what and choose according to your needs.
  10. Finding the right gears you need is also a pretty important part and make sure you buy all the necessary parts that are going to make photography a lot easier for you.

Now, if you are ready to buy a DSLR camera, you can head over to the many options available online or check out Review Station who have listed the best DSLR cameras under 30,000. We hope you have a great photographic journey ahead.